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Pull rivets need to meet the technical conditions

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Pull rivets need to meet the technical conditions

Pull rivets are widely used in a variety of white wine, red wine, high-grade alcohol, food, gifts and other products packaging materials, brand, brand-name products, the key components of security fidelity. Will pull flower rivets used in alcohol products, anti-counterfeiting packaging, so pull flower rivets also called wine box dedicated core pulling rivets. The following is the conditions to be met.
     ① Material: 5050 rust aluminum (nail body), low carbon steel (mandrel)
     ② minimum shear force and tensile strength should meet the following table:
     The main technical requirements rivets nominal diameter (mm) 3.244.8
     Minimum shear force (N) 76512601855
     Minimum tensile strength (N) 70011501600
     ③ rivet surface shall not have cracks, corrosion, defects and other effects of the use of defects.
     ④ pinned zinc surface passivation.
     ⑤ rivets riveting, the formation of the petals should be basically symmetrical.



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