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Large aircraft on small rivets

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Large aircraft on small rivets
When we first saw the plane, it will be its huge body, the perfect streamline a little shock. The heart will certainly have a greater question: such a free to fly the horizon of the monster in the end is how to create it? The design and manufacture of aircraft is a very complicated process, can be described as a twenty-four history. Here, I will tell you a big enemy of this big world - small rivets. Through this little rivet, and a glimpse of the panoramic view of the aircraft.
Talk about rivets, first of all to say about the manufacture of aircraft materials. Modern large passenger aircraft manufacturing is the main material of aluminum alloy. The traditional welding technology does not apply, so riveting is widely used. Things are general, but it is a variety of purposes. So rivets are also different shapes, a wide range. There are big and small, there are strong and weak, there are steel rivets, but also aluminum rivets, have to withstand the pull of the round head rivets, but also bear the shear of the flat head rivets. In addition to aluminum alloy materials should not be welded and riveting. There is also an important reason for the extensive use of rivets in aircraft manufacturing, which is to reduce weight.
Aircraft manufacturing has a famous saying: "to reduce the weight of each gram and struggle", compared to bolts, hella, etc., millions of rivets to save the weight is very impressive.
As the aircraft body, wing structure is very large, not as car body as the overall shape. If we disassemble the plane completely, you can imagine the wooden structure of the house apart from the results, beams, columns, planks a lot. The aircraft is a lot of aluminum alloy beams, beams, frame, edge of the line, web, connecting pieces and so on. To these thousands of pieces of aluminum pieces of wood blocks generally combined to form a huge solid aircraft structure, and covered with skin, complete the basic shape of the aircraft. You need millions of fasteners to connect them. From a loose sand to support a flight of the whole, are a nail a riveting credit. Rivets is the dress line, in the aircraft manufacturing in the work of great power.
Of course, in the course of the use of aircraft, rivets will inevitably appear failure, fracture. This time you need to use a special refrigerator rivets to replace. The so-called refrigerator rivets are rivets after quenching must be preserved at low temperature, save the activity. Use and then out, must be riveting within fifteen minutes, at room temperature rivet strength will become stronger. Thus ensuring riveting levels. In the aircraft maintenance, small to a rivet, all contain a lot of special technology, the ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of the aircraft. So the high safety of the aircraft, not casually talk, but by the high technology, high level, high-quality products cast out.
In the body of the aircraft, rivets as cells.


The use of rivets


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